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On March 25th, 2013 I Died…

I believe beyond and shadow of doubt that my life is in my God’s capable hands, and when it is my time, I’ll gladly be with Him. Until then, although I’ve come close, nothing can take me from my mission.

My Life in 10 Seconds

Born with bum ticker

Christian elementary school

Raised amidst domestic abuse

8 year custody battle

Mom tried to kill me

Lived homeless in a tree for 2 years

Air Force academy failure

Met wife

Reconnected with God

Dropped out of college




Job to job

Started ad agency

Started non profit

A ton of mistakes

Open heart surgery


and now I live

Who Am I

Servant of God

Husband to one

Father to three

Papa to two

Friend to many


Core Operating Principles

1. Love folks like they’ve never been loved before.

2. Come along side so they know they’re not alone.

3. Help them see hope for a better future.

4. Help them discover their purpose.

5. Help them build it.

6. Help them live it.

7. Help them create a legacy that lives beyond them.

My Life’s Mission

I believe my life experiences have forged me into the perfect set of tools to help you succeed.

I’m alive to:

1. Help you discover your life’s purpose.

2. Empower you to build and live a life of significance that supports your life’s purpose.

3. Help you to develop your life’s work into a legacy impacting generations.

My Weaknesses

For the sake of the reader’s time, I’ll just select a few

My short term memory, which has only gotten worse since I died.

Fear of heights

Tend to overcommit

Messy packrat

Obviously, I could go on…

My big dream is to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of hope and empowerment before I die.

My big dream is to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of hope and empowerment before I die.

Here’s a sketched map of the workings as I envisioned them in 2016…

My Big Dream Sketch

Which was overly complicated and really confusing!

I learned that Bill Gates was right when he said,
“Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years.”

So I’m focused on these six primary efforts to get us self-sufficient by 2030.

The Quietly Working creative department is tasked with supporting the foundation’s creative needs as well as the ongoing development of the Missing Pixel students.

The Missing Pixel Project’s mission is to bring creative technical training, paired with mentorship, to underserved youth.

We are Non-Political, Non-Denominational, Non-Profit, and serve the young men and women who have lost a parent in the US Military and First Responders.

In 2000 we got our start as Children of Fallen Soldiers, and in 2013 began rebranding to America’s Children of Fallen Heroes in order to better include the families of our fallen firefighters and law enforcement.

The IYSR serves other Youth Service Orgs (YSOs) because we are better together.

Our mission is to provide connection, support, training, and highlight exceptional examples of service within the worldwide YSO community.

Many orgs ask us how we do more with less.

They want to know what solutions we have found, the vendors who excel in their support of nonprofits, and the tools we use to provide our services.

This site will be where we post our interviews, reviews, and free training classes.

This is our lifestyle brand.

100% of profits go directly to our nonprofit efforts.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get where we are!

Very Special Customers

Over a couple of decades, I have had the honor of working with some of the most mind-melting geniuses on the planet. If just a sliver of them has rubbed off I should glow in the dark. A massive thank you to each and every one of you!

Past Customers

The World’s Greatest Partners

Over the decades, these awesome folks have helped us build many organizations that help children and young adults discover their purpose and achieve their greatness all over the world.

Oh… and because of them we’ve also saved a few thousand puppies and kittens and found them new loving homes.


If You’re On Your Phone…

…you won’t be able to see the Jenga game. Come back on your desktop/laptop and let’s play!

Call or Email Me

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