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The Israel Trip – January 3-11 2018

Israel Trip - January 3-11 2018 29 JANUARY, 2018 Israel Technically, I'm getting this done before the end of the month... just under the wire. ;) Jet lag was a hum-dinger. Then that nasty flu bug rose up and slapped me down. So much for my, "In a few days." Thank...

Gonna Try Running :P

Gonna Try Running Today :P 27 MARCH, 2017 My WHELHO - Body So I'm out here trying to remember how to run! Technically, how to breath while running. Dear God, it suuucks starting from scratch. I feel like I'm flailing everywhere. And I can't keep a pace for more than a...

My Big Dream Before I Die

My Big Dream Before I Die 1 MARCH, 2016 Vision Casting My big dream is to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of hope and empowerment before I die. Here's a sketched map of the workings...Here's a sketched map of the workings. There are for-profit components (actually,...

Some Days are Easier Than Others

We all have days that feel like slogging through deep mud. Our ideas and goals that were so clear yesterday, are veiled in a fog, and the voices in our head are much darker.

My Big Dream Before i Die

Development status of my dream’s major milestones

  • America’s Children of Fallen Heroes Refinement
  • Quietly Working Agency Ramp-up
  • 2018 Dare to Dream Event Development
  • The Daring Drive
My big dream is to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of hope and empowerment before I die.”

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Questions folks ask me…

What is WHELHO?


WEL-ho | adverb

A lifestyle of self improvement, joy, hope and service to others.
example: David’s continued dedication and time invested in the young men he mentors is a great example of the WHELHO lifestyle. He’s always looking for ways to better himself so he can serve others more effectively.

WHELHO stands for Work Hard | Enjoy Life | Help Others


The WHELHO Wheel is a personal development tool I designed decades ago to help business owners and board members I was consulting. It helps to simplify a complicated life into more manageable components.

We are currently using the WHELHO Wheel as a personal development tool within the Dream Development Project and have plans to make it available to the public on

Did you really live in a ? for two years?

Yup, sure did.

As a homeless teen, i lived within the canopy of a huge pepper ? for two years.


Do you remember anything from when you died?

Deep question…

We could talk for a long time about this one. :)

I was overwhelmed with peace. Indescribable peace.
Philippians 4:7 talks about a peace that passes all human understanding. I believe I may have glimpsed the tiniest slice of what we’re in for in heaven.

During my recovery, I could feel the weight of daily life return to my shoulders, and I fell into a deep depression. I was extremely angry with God for allowing me to live. Every day I felt less and less of that peace. I journaled frantically, trying to retain as much as possible, but I felt it slipping and there was nothing I could do. I was pissed. No two ways about it.

It took me a couple months to transition from anger and complete selfishness, to the call God had on my life for my remaining days. Over the first half of life, I had raised three fantastic humans and now it’s time to lay my life down in service to others.

About 6 months later…

I started having nightly recurring dreams of my death.

I say “love you!” to my family, get a kiss from my sweetheart, and I’m wheeled into the operating room. Then I open my eyes and find myself in Jesus’s arms. I feel that peace again. Overwhelming indescribable peace.