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My Big Dream Before I Die

My big dream before I die
My Big Dream Before I Die
MARCH, 2016
My big dream is to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of hope and empowerment before I die.
My Big Dream Before i Die

Here’s a sketched map of the workings…

Here’s a sketched map of the workings.

There are for-profit components (actually, public-benefit components) and non-profit components.

Public benefit organizations are… orgs operating for the sole purpose of making a profit, however, that profit (or a % of the profit) is used for a public benefit.

Non profit organizations are… orgs operating for the sole purpose of a public service.

“My big dream is to build a self-sustaining ecosystem of hope and empowerment before I die.”

My dream is to use my past experience of running for-profit companies to build profit generating organizations under the Quietly Working umbrella, where 100% of profits will support the non profit efforts under the Quietly Working Foundation umbrella. For my dream to be complete, all of these organizations will need to be able to operate successfully without my involvement, so when I die, they will continue.


Here’s a breakdown of the organizations I have planned and how they fit into this ecosystem.


The Public Benefit Orgs
100% of profits support our non-profit efforts


The Quietly Working Agencyproduction, consultation, and inspiration


Providing these services to the public for profit and pro-bono to select YSO’s highlighted by IYSR for support.


  • Creative (how it looks)
    • Film
    • Digital
    • Print
  • SEO (how it works)
    • Organic
    • Social
    • Ad Words
    • Facebook
  • Promotional Products
  • Printing
  • Apparel
  • Event Support
    • Big Air Events
    • Event management
  • Consultation




how-tosandreviews.comA repository of the products we use in the QWU and what we think of them. Our mistakes, fixes, and general instructions for success.


  • Helping others by allowing them to learn from our triumphs and failures.
  • Potential affiliate income where appropriate.
  • Ad sales where appropriate.




7 Steps Book SeriesSolutions based on a lifetime of failure, persistence, service, and love.


  • 7 Steps in Life
  • 7 Steps in Business
  • 7 Steps in Sales


  • Product Ladder for each book
    • Done for you services where appropriate
    • Premier coaching
    • Membership site / Group coaching
    • Workshop events
    • Audio book sales
    • Book sales




Dream Development Project (DDP)A version of the DDP made available to the public for a monthly subscription.


  • Monthly subscription




War on HopelessnessA lifestyle brand supporting the Dare to Dream mission.


  • Inspiration & Platform for WOH movement
  • Apparel sales
  • Product sales




The Daring DriveA cross country expedition


  • Sponsorship income
  • Public donations to ACoFH




Dare to DreamA city wide call to “dare to dream what could be for your city’s young men and women.”


  • Inspire local desire to improve communities for the youth
  • Sponsorship income
  • Public donations to local YSO’s and QW orgs




The Non Profit Orgs


The Quietly Working Foundation


  • Chapters
    • Civic
    • Business
    • Education




The Dream Development Project – This is our long term mentorship program developed for America’s children of fallen heroes

  • Long-term mentorship
  • High-level and boots on the ground support


The International Youth Service Registry (IYSR) – Bringing support to youth support organizations (YSO’s) worldwide.




Children of Fallen Soldiers – The non-profit we began in 2000 to support the children of fallen US military. We have since (in 2012) rebranded to America’s children of fallen heroes to include fallen first responders under our umbrella of services.




America’s Children of Fallen HeroesHonored to serve the surviving children of fallen U.S. military and first responders




The Speartip Project – A test project to engage young matriculating military with high adventure and mentorship to help them transition into civiliam life and live their dreams.




Council of GreatnessThis is a global group of influential leaders with a shared desire to leave a positive legecy for the generations to follow. This group will provide key wisdom, insight, and inspiration for our DDP students.




Wisdom VaultThis is where our database of collected interviews, case studies, and white papers will be housed. It will be made available to all IYSR organizations.


Chaplain TIG

Broken but still in the fight

It can be so overwhelming to begin clarifying a dream. I believe many of us don’t for that exact reason.


Obviously, this aint a one man show, and dear Jesus, there’s a long way to go. I’m just painting the picture that was given to me.


God will continue to bring the perfect people into my life to make this a living effort, a family dedicating their hard work to helping others see the love that our creator has waiting for them.

Work Hard | Enjoy Life | Help Others
and …just keep swimming, just keep swimming 🙂


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