Chaplain Timothy "TIG" Heaslet II

The Israel Trip – January 3-11 2018

Israel Trip - Group Picture

Israel Trip – January 3-11 2018



Technically, I’m getting this done before the end of the month… just under the wire. 😉

Jet lag was a hum-dinger. Then that nasty flu bug rose up and slapped me down.

So much for my, “In a few days.”

Thank ya’ll for your patience and, let me just begin with, what an honor it has been to get to know you all. I have a feeling that we all have enlarged our families. <3

Now, I’m ready to re-enter the fight, so let’s get started! First, this post is to share the Google photo album that we created for this awesome trip!

Israel Trip - 1st Hotel Intro Clip

Please add your pics & vids to our shared album!

1. Here’s the link…

2. After you click the “Join” button, you’ll have full access to the gallery. You can add photos and download them too.

3. Also, feel free to comment on the pictures. The more we replay our trip, the more juice we can squeeze out of this incredible adventure.

The storms of life didn’t stop us. In fact, it added a super special element to this first day of adventure!

Photograph by Chaplain TIG from our shared album

I’ll give everyone a bit to add their pictures, and then I’ll be creating a post for each day of our adventure.

I’m looking forward to seeing the many other perspectives captured from everyone. With a trip this overwhelming, it’s helpful to see it from as many angles as possible.

There are 100’s already up there for you to see. Here are just a few…

The water line at Capernum. I was overwhelmed, imagining Jesus sitting on these rocks taking in this same view.

Photograph by Chaplain TIG from our shared album

Chaplain TIG

Broken but still in the fight

More to come…

Thank you all sooo very much for being part of this trip! I look forward to getting in contact with many of you and getting to know you better.

Next, I’ll attempt to make our overwhelming adventure just a bit more digestible by creating a post for each day. That might even be too much! 🙂

WOW, what an enriching experience. It’s gonna be fun hearing from all of you.

What impacted you?

Has it changed your study of the word?

How has it impacted your daily life?

I’d love to hear from all of you.

All right… signing off for now.
Talk soon my friends!

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